Manually cleanup Admin Console unwanted Software Updates

By | April 16, 2017

4 days holidays, and feeling a bit boring. So I decided to sync Software Update, and choose product “FeatureOnDemand”, I wanted to see what kind of updates will show up.
And WHAT?! 618 LanguageFeatureOnDemand  – Windows 10 Insider preview xxxx blabla updates?!
This is way too much, not mention that this is a test lab, and I am running out of RAM, and it crashed my server totally, I barely can open Admin Console UI.

Since those are not expired updates, so automatic clean up won’t do anything of it. Unchecked those product won’t help too, well it won’t do re-sync, but they are there forever? ignoring..right?

So, I am going to do a bit cleanup by myself, proporbly NOT supported, so use on your own risk.

A proper way to do cleanup, you should clean up your WSUS database. How ever, this post is not about clean up WSUS.

Fireup SQL management studio.

Run this: (the xxx means your site database)

In my case, I see exactly row numbers as in my Admin console UI

If they are not same, then your SQL query is wrong, don’t continue.

Next start cleanup. Run this: (the xxx means your site database)

In my case:

Go back to Admin console, refresh.

After clean up all those updates that I don’t want, I got back only those 68 updates that I actually want.

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